My favorite places for some green energy aka vegan and vegetarian food in Copenhagen? Finally it’s here: the complete guide! I have added a “vegan” note, if the café/restaurant is 90-100% vegan.

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Vegan and vegetarian – Breakfast/brunch

Bowl Market
Gasværksvej 3, Vesterbro
Absolutely great location, atmosphere and decor. And then it opens early in the morning (7.30 am.). They make delicious porridge varieties and this lovely “chocolate” smoothie bowl with both dates, nuts and peanutbutter. (“THAT’S NUTS”).

Jægersborggade 50, Torvehallerne, Falkoner Allé 34 and Nordre Frihavnsgade (temporarily closed)
Also in the vegetarian category, porridge is a lifesaver and a very Danish classic. Of course for breakfast where the many exciting toppings satisfy and look inviting – and for lunch and dinner where you can grab a Daal or risotto bygotto to go or stay.Grød på GRØD. Vegetarisk morgenmad, frokost og aftensmad i København.

Morgenstedet (Vegan)
Fabriksområdet 134, 1440 København K
Very popular organic and vegetarian eatery at Christiania with great homemade food (hummus – yum!). The price is very fair and it’s a very authentic Christiania experience.

Skyttegade 5, Nørrebro
A very cosy and rustic café who has added quite a few vegetarian and vegan options to their menu during the last year. Their latest initiative is a 100% vegan brunch plate. Sidecar is one of my absolute favorite places in the city.

Café Feel Good
Nørre Farimagsgade 55, 1364 København K
One of the newer cafés in inner city (near Nørreport) that offers great authentic, colorful and homemade food and has a 100% vegan brunch for around 150 kr. Maybe a bit expensive but you can also have a fair priced salad or homemade healthier cakes.

42 Raw (Vegan)
Pilestræde 32, Frederiksberg Centret, Waterfront
This original raw – but now “just” vegan café was one of the first of its kind and now has 3 eateries in the city. It provides everything from matca bowls and cakes to salad, burger, sandwiches and pizza. I especially like their sandwich, which is tasty and crispy – and their brunch and burger. However, a bit more expensive when it comes to value for money, than other vegan places in the city.

Farverige og sunde salat skåle (bowls) hos California Kitchen på Nørrebrogade

Vegan and vegetarian – Lunch

Green Burger (Vegan)
Frederiksborggade 26, Vesterbrogade 30
Comfort food at its best! Try their sweet potato fritters. You’ll get a large portion, perfect crispness and really good taste. Their burger is not the best I’ve had, but it’s chewy and delicious.Falafel Factory
Nørrebrogade 63, Nørrebro
I often want and dream about a sandwich from Falafel Factory. Their coarse bread is delicious, the beetroot / ginger falafel (the one and only!) completely phenomenal, and they offer a lot of dips / dressings and salad. There’s nothing else to say than; I’m a huge fan!

Hope (Vegan)
Larsbjørnsstræde 7, 1454 København K
Always one of my favorites in inner city. For breakfast and their brunch with sweet potato fries, but also at lunch time where they always have a new and exciting salad. I love that they are so innovative and that you never really know what’s new on the menu.

Mahalle CPH
Birkegade 6, Nørrebro
An adorable treasure in Birkegade, a side street to Elmegade, which is perfect for you and me who love middle eastern food. Here you can have brunch and lunch, and they make this delicious and very unique “Lebanese salad” –  a flatbread topped with hummus, grilled halloumi, avocado, pomegranate and sesame.

California Kitchen
Nørrebrogade 12, Nørrebro
One of the hottest and most popular places for the moment. California Kitchen has gone all in on healthy salad bowls in all forms and the portions are big and the prices very fair.

Liban Cuisine
Rantzausgade 1, Nørrebro
A middle eastern diner that does not have the mood and decor as a specialty but, in turn, makes some beautiful “plates” at fair prices with eg. hummus, baba Ghanoush, the most crunchy falafels, great salad selection, decorative turnips, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and spice mixtures. They make burgers and sandwiches too. All districts should have a Liban Cuisine!

Simple Raw (Vegan)
Gråbrødretorv 9, 1154 København K
I’m not here very often but it’s a vegan place and one of the first in the city, so it deserves a mention. Some of their dishes are good, but also quite expensive. Especially the brunch. However, I have heard that their burger is great!

Frederik VI
Frederiksberg Allé 42
If you wanna try the Danish “smørrebrød” (open faced sandwiches) in a vegetarian / vegan version, I can recommend you to vist Frederik VI at Frederiksberg. Very delicious and authentic.fiskefrilet Frederik VI. Vegansk smørrebrød

Vegan and vegetarian – Street Food

Blue Taco
Blågårdsgade 1, Nørrebro
A small taco place on Blågårdsgade that makes tacos on blue corn (hence the name) and has 3 different varieties without meat; With cactus, chick peas and even a vegan one with white corn and peppers, which is actually my favorite.

PapirØen, Trangravsvej 14
65 kr. for a large “egg wrap” with a crunchy fresh salad, tahin dressing and spicy “beanstew” – probably some of the best “value for money food” I’ve had at Papirøen / CPH Street Food!

PapirØen, Trangravsvej 14
Great bean stew served with rice, a small salad, patacones that are plaintain chips topped with guacamole and an egg if you wish. A (street food) place that cares about organic products and quality – Colombian interpreted.

Fala Fala
PapirØen, Trangravsvej 14
Pita falafel med farverigt fyld, men også salater, hvilket er et skønt initiativ for glutenallergikere, grøntsagsfreaks, low carb-folk osv. Her får du syltet kål, agurk, tomat, friturestegt aubergine en masse hummus, fem falafler og en ordentlig omgang chilidressing. Ja, du fornemmer det godt, ik? Alt andet end kaninmad.
Christianshavns Torv, København K 
African “rolex” with an amazing greasy vegan filling and the most delicious sweet potatos. Ugood won the price as the best Copenhagen street food at the Street Food Festival 2016.
Lækre tacos fra Blue Taco

Vegan and vegetarian – Take Away

Halmtorvet 21, Østerbrogade 151, Gammel Kongevej 176
Mix your own salads to go. At Vesterbro you can also have them to stay but it isn’t as cosy as in many other cafés around the city. You can have exactly the salad mix you want, or you can choose some of their own salad combination. I love to combine cabbage with edamame, seaweed, pickled onions and goma dressing. Which however isn’t vegan as far as I know.

Fælledvej 25, Torvehallerne, Nordre Frihavnsgade 13a, Westmarket
My local salat darling which offers big salads for fair prices. I always choose 4 salads with sweet potato puré, hummus (or nuts) and then pay extra for some yummy cooked eggplant on the top. It’s so good. So is their ryebread.

Nicecream i København: acai bowl og veganske is på Nørrebro

Vegan and vegetarian – Cakes / sweets

Birkegade 21, Nørrebro

Small local café, which is located on a side street to Elmegade at Nørrebro. Their cakes are amazing and their brunch and grilled sandwiched are highly recommended too.

Elmegade 30, Enghave Plads 10

Nicecream – the name says it all, right? Homemade “icecream” made only of natural ingredients and without any milk and cream. Some of the products are without refined sugar too AND the make these amazing and very pretty açaí bowls with lots of toppings.

Djuus Copenhagen
Blegdamsvej 78, Østerbro

This is the perfect place for early breakhast, mix you own green and healthy brunch. But also if you are up for a homemade juice, coffee with homemade nut milk and a delicious raw cake (Snickers and brownie. Yum!) – or maybe a vegan freakshake.

Oh, and the pancakes at Souls and 42 Raw are also highly recommendable. And the homemade cakes at Café Feel Good!

Burger hos Hope Bar, København. Vegansk og lækkert

Vegan and vegetarian – Casual dinner

Melchiors Pl. 3, Østerbro
My local darling! And probably the café I have visited the most. And that says a lot! I LOVE their sweet potato salad. (Add some BBQ mushrooms and choose the glutenfree bread!) But also their burgers are amazing. Once I went their with an American friend who didn’t even notice that the burger he ate was vegan. 😉

Ngoc Linh
Vesterbrogade 8, Vesterbro

Vietnamese. Yum! One of those places that could be a tourist trap, but which I am really glad to have discovered. I have, among other things, tasted their papaya salad and rice with tofu, which impressed everyone in the company. Also the meat-eaters.

Manfreds og Vin
Jægersborggade 40, Nørrebro
Such a great place for a cosy friday night with friends. But to get a table here can be hard. There are always some last minute seats in the bar. The dishes vary a lot. But when it’s good it’s really good! Probably had the best pumpkin dish in my life at Manfreds.

Hafnia Bar
Store Regnegade 26A, 1110 København K
Used to be one of my favorite vegan places but unfortunately it isn’t as delicious and cosy as it used to be in my opinion. However they still have a lot of great vegan and vegetarian option both for breakfast, lunch and dinner; cashew yoghurt, veggie plates (vegan nutella!) and burgers.

Café N
Blågårdsgade 17, Nørrebro
A first mover when it comes to vegan food in Copenhagen. For many years this was my favorite place in the city for vegan burgers and veggie plates with the most amazing root fries. I don’t know if it’s all the new options in the city or the standard has dropped but I don’t see this as one of the top places anymore. But still nice on a sunny day at Blågårdsgade, Nørrebro.

Vegan and vegetarian food in Copenhagen. The Organic Lab.

Vegan and vegetarian – Fine dining

The Organic Lab (Vegan)
Store Kongensgade 6, København K
A new vegan restaurant in inner city which finally makes it possible to enjoy an amazing 3 courses vegan dinner in festive settings on a friday night. I am very impressed by the standard here. Tasteful, colorful and beautiful nordic inspired food. Reservation is required.

 Formel B
Vesterbrogade 182, Frederiksberg
My first vegetarian Michelin experience. Not really because the restaurant is vegetarian, but you can order a vegetarian menu, and it is recommendable. Must mention unbelievably good main course, which was completely green and had so much taste, dept and power. Remember to order the baked Alaska for dessert.

Dampfærgevej 7, Østerbro
This restaurant at Østerbro is a total new one, and a sister restaurant to Kiin Kiin – the only thai Michelin restaurant outside Thailand. It’s nordic food with an asian twist and the experience is fantastic – from interior and ambiance  to the small details. It’s a bit far away from the central activities but that also makes it more local and special.
Restaurant Relæ
Jægersborggade 41, Nørrebro
An extremely sustainable and green Michelin restaurant. 90-100% organic like it’s sister restaurant Manfreds og vin. The only place in this guide I haven’t visited yet (even though I have tried many times) but I think it deserves a mention here anyway because you can order a veggie menu with local greens. Remember to book a table!

Kronprinsessegade 64, 1306 København K
Another Michelin restaurant who has a 100% vegan menu. SO cool! I have been to Kokkeriet once and it was a amazing. Haven’t tried their vegan menu but it’s definitely on my to do list!

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Sandwich og matcha is-latte på Souls


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