Danish design & interior shopping in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen looking for some great local and Danish design & interior? Well, many already know the popular big brands and shops like Illum’s Bolighus, Hay Copenhagen, Royal Copenhagen, Normann Copenhagen etc. This guide is therefore about local produced  Danish design & interior and second hand, which you often find in the smaller shops around the city. Here are my favorite local places: Bast Nørrebrogade 163 2200 København This is such a great store – from idea to execution. The shop is beautiful and inspiring and the owner is so lovely. She takes the time to explain and help her customers and then she seems genuinely passionate, and puts value into the products that she sells. You can therefore find design that is actually made in Denmark here. Mant Læderstrædet 30 1201 København Plants, postcards, candles, copenhagen posters made from local artists etc. that you don’t find anywhere else.  This little place is situated in the inner city near…

Brunch in Copenhagen: my 10 favorites!

A very unique and trendy way of eating brunch in Copenhagen is by “mixing you own”. It’s like having tapas for breakfast and the first place to do have this on the menu was Wulff & Konstali.  It’s a great way to try new things and eat more vegetables and fruits, which I love more than the classic bacon and egg-version. Some brunches are very good, some are more standard but still quite photogenic. That’s why it can be hard to know whether it’s okay or really good

I prefer a brunch that is fresh, creative, homemade (or with a homemade twist) and sustainable.

Here are my 10 favorites when it comes to brunch in Copenhagen:

My 18 favorite attractions in Copenhagen

Botanical garden and the popular white staircase, CopenhagenPink sky Copenhagen. The LakesWanna experience the best places in Copenhagen? I will do my best to help!;)  I get so many questions about Copenhagen from travelers every day, so I now decided to write some posts in English now and then – in order to be able to answer some of all these great questions.

Also on Instagram I recently asked what you would like to read more about, and @r_s_w wrote; “Your top 10 things you love about Copenhagen”. I take that as a challenge. But 10 attractions AND food at the same time would be too much at one time, so lets start with the attractions;