In Copenhagen looking for some great local and Danish design & interior? Well, many already know the popular big brands and shops like Illum’s Bolighus, Hay Copenhagen, Royal Copenhagen, Normann Copenhagen etc.

This guide is therefore about local produced Danish design & interior and second hand, which you often find in the smaller shops around the city. Here are my favorite local places:

Butik Bast på Nørrebro. Interiørbutik med blomster og planter på Nørrebrogade. Dansk design og pynteting. Danish design

Nørrebrogade 163
2200 København

This is such a great store – from idea to execution. The shop is beautiful and inspiring and the owner is so lovely. She takes the time to explain and help her customers and then she seems genuinely passionate, and puts value into the products that she sells. You can therefore find design that is actually made in Denmark here.

Læderstrædet 30
1201 København

Plants, postcards, candles, copenhagen posters made from local artists etc. that you don’t find anywhere else.  This little place is situated in the inner city near “Strøget” and is definitely different from many of the other shops in that area.

Urban Room No. 11 på Nørrebro. Interiør og shopping på Nørrebro i København. Flot grøn facade og cykler

Urban Room No. 11
Guldbergsgade 11

2200 København N

The nicest pastel green facade invites you to all sorts of “must haves” inside. From the very classical famous Danish design brands to more unique finds from local artists.

Sidegaden Kbh
Faksegade 19
2100 København Ø

A quite new place at Østerbro, close to where I live. The selection is a mix of second hand and new trendy interior. Some items are from Denmark, while others are produced in other countries and maybe repaired / recreated. However, everything in this shop is carefully selected and very unique.

Liebe Copenhagen. Porcelæn og dansk design keramik. Flot facade.


Nannasgade 28

2200 København N

The name may sound very German but this porcelain brand and shop is 100% Danish. Susan Liebe is the woman behind and she sells both small handmade collections made in Copenhagen and larger collections produced in a small ceramic village in Vietnam, so ask if you want to make sure that is IS danish.


Kompagnistræde 25
1208 København
GunGun is located very close to Mant and it offers clothes made in house by various designers who also make print, jewelries, etc., which can also be purchased at the store. It’s SO cool in a world where so many things are made in China, India etc. and it’s a fantastic and authentic experience to meet the designer of what you are wearing / hanging up in your home.

Also check out these great markets / happenings with local design and interior during the year:

Finders Keepers:

Denmark’s biggest design market featuring all (upcoming) design talents and creative entrepreneurs

Designer Space

A platform for newly established and upcoming designers, artists and creative entrepreneurs. A digital platform and event organizer.

Designer Space Christmas market in 2015
Designer Space Christmas market in 201

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